How NOT to be bored at Work? Keep Learning!


No matter what job it is, one will go through a phase of boredom. Even if it were to be a company/ job that one admires. Its not only due to the job but also because of various factors in life that may take precedence at certain point in time. However, there are few ways to keep our spirits afloat for the maximum percent of our career by making taking some steps. Here are few steps that I take to ensure that I keep myself afloat and keep boredom away. In the long run these have helped me excel at my work.

Continuous Learning: Exploring alternatives

This is one of the greatest means that has helped me personally to stay away from boredom. In fact, this has helped me in lot of role transitions. Try to learn about emerging trends and how the entire industry is moving forward. Learn more about the competitors of the product/ framework that is used at work. This will help one to get another perspective of things at work and also to get more new ideas that can be tried. The blogs and free webinars are now a great source of contents with different perspectives and can help guide towards the next thing one want to learn. One of easy way to do is to do a google search <<product name>> alternatives and <<product name>> open source alternatives. This easily gives a list of other tools in the area of interest.

Lifelong Learning: Side projects

This is an extension or application of the learning but worth mentioning as a separate point. Many times mind races ahead of time. We cannot try everything we want at work. The best way to nurture racing mind is to have side projects or little experiments that one can do. This can be a personal or work related project. This helps us to firm up learning and validate understanding. If its a personal project, a github page (for software) or a blog will help showcase them and enrich one’s profile. Personally I started writing blog,, to record my thought process, understanding of technology, ability to solution so that I can refer it later.

Learning on the job: Role with a GAP 

It is one of the best advices that I received when I was offered full-time job post my MBA internship. The reason is simple. Its not only about what one has to fulfill and excel at the job (Contribute) , but also about what the job has to offer the individual(Learn and Grow). If there is no or narrow GAP one will easily get bored in some time. If the GAP is too wide, then that can set the person to fail at the job. Having the right mix of knowns and unknowns will help one to do well and grow in a role. If there are times when you do not seem to have an opportunity to learn or grow, that indicates the time to change role at work.

Collaborative Learning: Help Others: Get Versatile

This is another best way to become versatile and improve your competency. Volunteering to help others in the team or help another team to achieve their goal is a great way to learn things that one may not know otherwise. This also keeps one away from boredom while earning good relationship with the colleagues. Most of time when someone seeks help, they do not need an expert but rather someone who is willing to work together and solve the problem.

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