Qlik sense extension – Responsive Navigation Menu


This Qlik sense extension – Responsive Navigation Menu is created to provide an easy navigation to the users in desktop as well as mobile devices. The idea is to make a common that combines the following navigation items in a sigle list

  • External urls,
  • Other apps and sheets in other apps
  • Sheets in the current app

The implementation is simple and it enables the links to be dynamic so that the entire menu can be managed based on conditions.

Download and Install

The extension can be downloaded using the below link.
Download – Qlik sense Extension – Responsive Navigation Menu

Install the extension in your desktop or server.

How to use Qlik sense extension Responsive Navigation Menu?

Note: This extension includes modification of DOM object.

Difference between Edit mode and Analysis Mode

This extension object will become visible only in the edit mode and will be hidden in the analysis mode. So drag and drop the extension at the bottom of the first sheet that the user will navigate to. If you use deep links for the apps elsewhere, then you can use this extension in each sheet of your app.

Adding Menu Items


You can add any number of menu items. Following are the properties for each menu item

  • Target – An Expression
  • Label – An Expression
  • Target is a sheet id in this app – A check box


This is the target url or the sheet id to which you want to navigate to. The external urls or other apps will open in a new tab. The navigation to a sheet in the current app will happen in the same tab. The field is kept as an expression so that you can dynamically change the url or the sheet id of the target based on conditions.


This is the display label in the menu for the item

Target is a sheet id in this app

This is the attribute that needs to be set when the target is the sheet id. Otherwise the sheet navigation will not work.

For the dynamic label and target to work based on conditions that will change during selection, the extension need to be copied to all the sheets so that the links and labels are calculated whenever selections are made.

Responsive Layout

The menu will appear right beneath the header in the mobile as shown below.



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