Qlik sense extension Story Search

Qlik sense extension search story listing

This qlik sense extension story search will be helpful when you have large number of stories created and published. This extension is dynamic and the story appears immediately after creation.

Download and Install

You can download the latest version of the extension using the link below from GitHub.
Download Qlik Sense Extension – Story Search

You can drag and drop the extension and you are ready to search the list of stories in the app.


To list complete list of stories type <space> and then scroll through the list

To open a story, just click on the desired story from the list. This will cause the story open in a new tab in the slide show (Play) mode

Settings for Qlik sense Extension Story Search

There are three variables you can set to determine the appearance and the behavior of the extension

Qlik sense extension search story options

Enable Scroll and List Height

In order to fix the maximum height of the search list, set enable scroll option to Yes. Then set the List Height option to desired height in pixel.

The list height option is effective only when the Enable scroll option is set to Yes.


The places option determines the default text that appears on the search box

Demo Video

I created this extension as an experiment to use the bootstrap styles only within the extension. I referenced the blog USING BOOTSTRAP CSS IN QLIK SENSE VISUALIZATION EXTENSIONS.

The generated bootstrap css can be downloaded here: BOOTSTRAP CSS FOR QLIK SENSE EXTENSIONS.The bootstrap version used is here

The extension uses the getList method of the App API. an example of how to use it to get various app object details is in the blog QLIK SENSE MASHUP – GET APP OBJECT DETAILS. An example of the application is the dynamic mashup. The details are in the two series blog QLIK SENSE – SELFSERVICE MASHUP USING ANGULARJS GRIDSTER


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