Enigma JS App – Instructions to Download and Install

This post, Enigma JS App – Instructions to Download and Install,  is part of the Qlik sense Enigma.js Example Series.

By following this post, you must be able to download the app and get it running immediately.


  • Install Qlik Sense Desktop App
  • Install Node JS. I have used version 8.9.4

Steps to Install and Start React Client

  1. Clone or Download codewander-qlik-master-master from GITHUB.
  2. Extract the Zip folder if you have downloaded
  3. Open Command Prompt and go to the folder codewander-qlik-master-master
  4. The url to express server is defined in the .env.development.local. If you would like to change the url please change the REACT_APP_QLIK_SERVER_URL to the desired value.
  5. Run “npm install”. This may take a while to install all the dependencies of the React Client. You will see the below message.07.server dependency install-enigma-ws
  6. Run “npm start”. As a result of this, you should see the following messages and the app opens in the browser with the url “localhost:3000”. You might see some warnings in the command prompt. I will clean them up in the subsequent commits.

Now the client is installed and running


Steps to Install and Start Express Server

  1. Now open a new command prompt
  2. Go to the folder codewander-qlik-master-master/ server
  3. Run the following commands
    1. “npm i -S enigma.js ws” and wait for the dependencies to get installed
    2. “npm i -S cors express”
    3. “node app.js”
  4. You will see the message ” Server started at port: 5000
  5. Now go to “localhost:3000” in the browser
  6. Click on Apps
  7. If you can see the apps in your Qlik sense desktop, then your setup is complete.


  1. I’m getting websocket and “Warning: Each child in an array or iterator should have a unique “key” prop” error when I try to qlik sense server .

    • I had not tried this on server. For servers, the authentication must involve certificates. I will try to make a post on that soon.

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